Anna Galvin as Queen Elizabeth II in The Audience. Photo by David Cooper
Anna Galvin as Queen Elizabeth II in The Audience. Photo by David Cooper

People can’t seem to get enough of The Royals. Whether it is the recent visit by William and Kate or the global concern over the Queen’s health, the family Windsor continues to capture our imaginations.

This winter the Arts Club Theatre Company presents Peter Morgan’s The Audience (Jan 26-Feb 26), an imaginary look at Her Majesty’s weekly meeting with each of the twelve Prime Ministers during her reign.  Here are five reasons we think you should go:

1. Peter Morgan

Morgan is a master of the fictionalized historical drama, having previously written Frost/Nixon, his play based on the the infamous interviews of Richard Nixon by British TV host David Frost. The Audience is based on Morgan’s 2006 film The Queen.

2. Netflix and Chill

Photo by David Cooper.

The Audience was the predecessor for the hugely popular Netflix mini-series, The Crown, also written by Peter Morgan. “The Audience is similar to The Crown in that it reveals the Queen as a real person who is charming, witty, flawed and vulnerable,” says director Sarah Rodgers.

3. Mother and Daughter

Photo by David Cooper

The Audience casts Anna Galvin’s real-life daughter, Bianca Sanchez Galvin, as Young Elizabeth. “Anna and Bianca are the spitting images of Queen Elizabeth at her respective ages, and it’s breathtaking to see this mother-daughter acting duo embody these dynamic roles,” says Rodgers.

4. The Prime Ministers

The Audience includes appearances by some of Britain’s most memorable Prime Ministers from Winston Churchill to Margaret Thatcher, through Tony Blair and David Cameron.

5. Historical Pedigree

Photo by David Cooper.

Advice regarding the political and historical content of the weekly audiences was provided by Professor Vernon Bogdanor, the former Tutor of British Prime Minister, David Cameron.