The Arts Club Theatre Company has returned to live performances with No Child… the first of a trio of one-person shows in its fall season.

Currently playing at the BMO Theatre and streaming online until November 8, No Child… tells the story of an idealistic young teaching artist who steps into the fictional Malcolm X High School in The Bronx to lead a group of grade ten students in a theatre production.

Playing all 16 characters in Nilaja Sun’s tragicomedy is a single performer, but in the wake of COVID-19, the Arts Club production has two rotating casts and crews, led by stars Celia Aloma and Ali Watson under the direction of Omari Newton.

In this interview, Vancouver Presents contributor David C Jones speaks with show stars Celia Aloma and Ali Watson to find out more.

No Child… continues at the BMO Theatre Centre (162 W 1st Ave, Vancouver) or via on-demand livestream until November 8. Visit for tickets and information.