Receiving its world premiere as the opening to this year’s Vancouver International Film Festival, Loretta Todd’s Monkey Beach is already making waves.

Hailed as “not to be missed by Vancouver Presents critic Christine Pilgrim, it follows a young Haisla woman from East Vancouver to her ancestral home in Kitamaat village. It is here she realizes that she must face her fears to save her brother from a tragic fate foreseen since childhood.

Adapted from Eden Robinson’s award-winning novel, Todd’s first feature narrative is a genre-defying film in an allegory about learning to coexist with both the ghosts that haunt us and spirits who might enlighten us.

In this interview, Vancouver Presents contributor David C Jones speaks with Todd to find out more.

Monkey Beach screens as part of the digital offerings at this year’s Vancouver International Film Festival from September 28 through October 7. Visit for tickets and information.