As movie fans around the world observe Star Wars Day today, five members of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (VSO) have decided to get in on the celebration with a little fun of their own.

Part of the Symphony’s [email protected] series, musicians Julia Lockhart (bassoon), Karen Gerbrecht (violin), Michelle Goddard (clarinet), Vern Griffiths (percussion) and Malcolm Armstrong (bass) have created a video featuring the physically distanced musicians playing a cover of John Williams’ Cantina Band in their own homes. They are joined by children of VSO members dancing along to the music.

An instantly recognizable and now iconic piece of music from the original Star Wars movie, Lockhardt says the video was initially created “as a gift to the kids who are all stuck at home during this extraordinarily tough and scary time.”

“Like so many of us, I became captivated by the Star Wars movies while I was growing up, and it won a permanent place in my heart,” says Lockhart. “John Williams’ music is a huge part of what makes the Star Wars universe so magical to its fans of all ages. It’s what introduces so many people to the beauty of an orchestra.”

Having adapted the ragtime piece for a bassoon quartet as an homage to the space-age-looking bassoon played by one of the cantina musicians in the movie, Lockhart says this version is a bit more traditionally jazzy.

“It was our wonderful violinist Karen Gerbrecht who had the idea of asking some kids to help us out in the video,” she says. “I hope that anyone who sees this little Star Wars tribute will be cheered by it, as that’s the only goal we had in making this. Staying at home is easier if we stay connected to the music that makes us happy.”

But while Lockhardt and her fellow musicians may have created the video for children, they may not have counted on the legions of Star Wars fans around the world who are kids-at-heart and need of a little fun themselves during these tough times.

“We really hope everyone enjoys it and let me say: May the Fourth be With You!” concludes Griffiths.