Vancouver writer Dave Deveau gets personal with the premiere of Dead People’s Things, a darkly comic tale based on true events.

Dead People’s Things is the story of Phyllis, a millennial who inherits a house and its contents after her estranged hoarder aunt commits suicide. Collaborating with her neighbour Beatrice, who has been named executor of the estate, Phyllis sets out to understand the life of a woman she barely knew, through the items she left behind.

“While baby boomers often value collecting objects, millennials would rather keep online collections than shoe boxes of family heirlooms, attaching their identities to experiences rather than material possessions,” says director Cameron Mackenzie in a media release. “With this clear generational shift to an abandonment of tangible items, how do we remember our dead? What do our belongings say about us after we’re gone? Dead People’s Things explores this innate tension between holding on and letting go in undeniably frank, yet comedic fashion.”

Vancouver Presents contributing editor Mark Robins was live at Studio 16 for a sneak peek with a scene from actors Eileen Barrett and Meaghan Chenosky, plus an interview with the playwright to find out more.

Dead People’s Things plays Studio 16 (1555 W. 7th Ave, Vancouver) April 17 – May 5. Visit for tickets and information.