Known for her recurring role as “Granny” on the ABC television series, Once Upon a Time, Beverley Elliott brings her latest show Sink or Swim to North Vancouver and Richmond audiences in November.

Described as ‘Little House on the Prairie meets Lord of the Flies,’ Sink or Swim charts “Smelly” Elliott’s journey from the safety of her family’s farm to the chaos of an unruly one-room school house where she has to learn how to contend with the knuckle dragging thugs that are her fellow students. Through a series of songs and stories, Sink or Swim navigates the uncharted waters, big adventures, betrayals and epiphanies that shape us all on our journey to adulthood.

Vancouver Presents was LIVE with Beverley Elliott and the company of Sink or Swim to find out more.

Sink or Swim plays North Vancouver’s Presentation House Theatre on November 8-12 and then to Richmond’s Gateway Theatre on November 16-25.