Fresh off an appearances at the 20th annual Vancouver International Improv Festival and the Seattle Festival of Improv Theater, Instant Theatre’s Fistful of Kicks plays at East Vancouver’s Havana Theatre with improvised anime shows in November and December.

More than just a brand new anime based on a single audience suggestion each night, Fistful of Kicks is also providing a space for Asian-Canadian improvisers to hone their craft.

“Fistful of Kicks creates a space for Asian improvisers to engage in their own upbringings, share in cross-cultural themes and ideas, and increases the visibility of Asian artists on theatrical stages around Vancouver,” say organizers in a media release.

While Fistful of Kicks weaves together fight choreography, physical theatre, and improv comedy from an Asian perspective, director Curt Da Silva also sees it as an opportunity where a “performer’s Asian-ness is a feature, not a bug”.

“As Asian-Canadians, we are constantly in profile for not being Asian enough, nor Canadian enough, for certain people,” he says. “In this show, we forgo all of that nonsense and aim to use our shared experiences to create something really funny and exciting, and tell compelling stories along the way.”

Vancouver Presents contributing editor Mark Robins went live into the rehearsal room with members of the company to find out more.

Fistful of Kicks next plays Havana Theatre (1212 Commercial Dr, Vancouver) on November 10 and December 8. Visit for tickets and information.