Vancouver Fringe Festival. Photo: Vancouver Fringe Festival / Lachlan McAdam
Here are three shows you should not miss at this year's Vancouver Fringe Festival

The Vancouver Fringe Festival is well underway. Here are three shows we’ve seen so far that we think you should not miss.

[dropcap]1[/dropcap]In their newest work, Peter Carlone and Chris Wilson have another hit on their hand with Peter n’ Chris Present: Here Lies Chris (until Sep 19). A quest through parallel universes to find a replacement Chris after he is accidentally shot by Peter is the hilarious container for a show that is ultimately about friendship. They are reason enough to get off Granville Island this year. [Review]

Peter Carlone and Chris Wilson
Peter Carlone and Chris Wilson in Peter n’ Chris Present: Here Lies Chris

[dropcap2[/dropcap]Kaitlin Williams and Mack Gordon paint vivid pictures with Gordon’s new play Shake The Sheets! (until Sep 19). Those that love words will geek out on Gordon’s script, while the romantics in the audience will appreciate its love story. [Review]

Shake the Sheets!
Real-life husband and wife Kaitlin Williams and Mack Gordon perform in Shake The Sheets!

[dropcap]3[/dropcap]Puppeteer Adam Proulx brings a different kind of one-man show to the Vancouver Fringe Festival. On second thought, perhaps it is more accurate to call it a 12-person show as Proulx transforms a single periwinkle puppet into 12 distinct characters in its exploration of homophobia, the justice system, and privilege in Baker’s Dozen: 12 Angry Puppets (until Sep 19). [Review]

Baker's Dozen: 12 Angry Puppets
Adam Proulx brings eight characters to life in Baker’s Dozen: 12 Angry Puppets