Winterruption returns to Granville Island
Winterruption returns to Granville Island

This week is all about festivals and the search for Vancouver’s most horrible person.

[dropcap]1[/dropcap]The 14th Annual Talking Stick Festival (Feb 17-Mar 1) gets underway in venues throughout the city, celebrating and showcasing the evolving contemporary work of today’s Aboriginal artists. The Festival encompasses all areas of the performing arts including theatre, dance, drumming, and music, plus spoken word, and multimedia performance. Originally conceived in 2001, the Talking Stick Festival has grown and evolved into a two week celebration aimed at preserving and promoting the language, culture and art forms of First Nations people. Highlights this year include Falen Johnson’s Salt Baby about a young woman in search of her heritage, the First Fire Digital Storytelling Festival that explores indigenous stories through digital video, and an evening of music wtih throat singer Tanya Tagaq and singer/songwriter Leela Gilday.

[dropcap]2[/dropcap]Improv Against Humanity (Feb 17) makes the jump to the Vogue Theatre to accommodate its growing fan base. This live and unsanctioned version of the popular Cards Against Humanity is brought to life on stage by The Fictionals, a local improv group known for pushing the boundaries of comedy. By the end of the night, the audience will once again crown Vancouver’s most horrible person.

[dropcap]3[/dropcap]It may feel more like May-bruary there than February, but that isn’t stopping the organizers of the 10th Winterruption Festival (Feb 19-22) from celebrating with their annual mid-winter celebration of art, music, dance, theatre, film, family fun, gastronomy, and the celebration of the outdoors. Taking place on Granville Island over four days, Festival highlights include Charlie Ross’ One-Man Star Wars Trilogy, plenty of activities for the kids and even a multi-course dinner focused on sustainable seafood.

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