This week on Vancouver stages a Canadian comedy legend returns, the Downtown Eastside gets to the heart and Hamlet gets a sex change.

Legendary funnyman and Kid in the Hall Bruce McCulloch is back with Young Drunk Punk (Oct 27) for one-night only at the York Theatre. His one-man show combines stand-up, live music and autobiographical insights from his wild early days as a ‘young punk’ in 80’s Alberta, to his flannel plaid days in 90’s Toronto, to becoming a ‘pajama-clad dad’ in the Hollywood Hills. Young Drunk Punk will soon hit the City TV television airwaves as a new comedy series about his youth in Calgary.
The Downtown Eastside Heart of the City Festival (Oct 29-Nov 9) is an annual cultural and heritage festival that gives voice to the Downtown Eastside and its low income residents, cultural communities and neighbourhoods. To celebrate its second decade, the theme of this year’s festival is ‘Keeping the home fires burning’ and will feature some 90 events over its twelve days including music, film, theatre, dance, and a diverse array of artist showcases.

BlackSpear Theatre takes on Shakespeare’s Hamlet (Oct 29-Nov 9) re-imagined as a young female royal in a modern world.  The group is also playing with gender with the roles of Laertes, Rosencrantz and Marcello. If the company’s teaser video is any indication, things are going to be a little different in Elsinore for this Prince Princess of Denmark.