Our picks on stage for this holiday season
Our picks on stage for this holiday season

There is so much great theatre on right now.  Here are four shows currently in theatres that we think you should not miss this holiday season.

Sara-Jeanne Hosie is back at the Stanley Theatre in the Arts Club production of Mary Poppins (until Jan 4).  What we called “a jolly holiday treat” last year and a show that “practically oozes Christmas magic” this year, it is a show that will have you cheering as the high-flying Mary soars high above your heads.  This is version may have a little darker hue than its 1964 celluloid counterpart, but it loses nothing of the magic that made the film such a treasure. It really is that spoonful of sugar you just might need this time of year.

Over at Pacific Theatre, the classic It’s a Wonderful Life jumps from the silver screen to the stage via a radio show in Peter Church’s Its a Wonderful Life Radio Show (until Dec 30). Bedford Falls is the backdrop as George Bailey gets a little help from angels Joesph and Clarence who are tasked with showing George everything he has to live for.  A show we declared was “not to be missed”, we’re still pretty sure you’ll still catch a flash of Jimmy Stewart’s lopsided grin hiding in the dark corners of the theatre in a approval.

We’re crazy for Crazy For You (until Dec 31) out at Richmond’s Gateway Theatre.  Don’t let Ken Ludwig’s corny script scare you off, this show has so many Broadway worthy moments that we lost count.  It looks good,  it sounds good and it feels good.  You’d be crazy not to go.

Of those shows that are currently playing that are not the usual holiday fare you see this time of year, our pick goes to the Fire Escape Equity Co-op production of Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie (until Dec 21).  Gorgeous to look at, this production is elevated by Marilyn Norry’s performance.  Go, be transported back to 1930s St Louis and spend a little time with the Wingfields and their gentleman caller.