Sara Andrina Brown and Dan Willows are set to star in 52 Pick-up. Photo by Charlotte Labelle.
Sara Andrina Brown and Dan Willows are set to star in 52 Pick-up. Photo by Charlotte Labelle.

Twenty Something Theatre announced its upcoming tenth anniversary season featuring three offerings, all aimed at its target market of younger theatre-goers.

“All three of the pieces this year showcase some of the most talented young people in Vancouver both on stage and behind the scenes and the concerns and issues presented on stage in our shows reflect the concerns and issues of young people today,” says Sabrina Evertt, Artistic Producer for Twenty Something Theatre. “I believe when young people see themselves and their stories reflected back to them on stage in a powerful way they are more likely to make theatre a part of their lives in a meaningful way. Plus, all three of our shows this year explore love and what do young people angst over more than love?”.

First up is Philip Ridley’s Tender Napalm (Oct 23-Nov 8) at the Havana Theatre. Explosive and poetic the play features two people dissecting their relationship through a mix of memory and imagination. Through monologues, conversations and movement, Tender Napalm seeks to re-examine and re-define the language of love.

In November, Twenty Something Theatre presents TJ Dawe & Rita Bozi’s 52 Pick-up (Nov 13-29). In a show where two performances are never the same, fifty-two scene titles written on a deck of cards are thrown into the air. The performers randomly pick up the cards and perform scenes, one by one, to reveal a hilarious and heartbreaking love story.

In March, Twenty Something Theatre joins forces with the Firehall Arts Centre in a co-production of Julie McIsaac’s modern maritime fable, The Out Vigil (Mar 16-26). Last seen in a workshop production in May last year, The Out Vigil tells the story of a young Newfoundlander arriving in Alaska looking for a job. As a local fisherman grudgingly agrees to take him on, the past and present collie when a young woman shows up.

“A world premiere is always exciting, but maybe, the most exciting is our fall show Tender Napalm because it is unlike anything Twenty Something Theatre has done before,” says Evertt. “It’s going to be a unique blend of movement, dance, music and language. It’s raw and devastating but beautiful all at the same time.”

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