Charles Ross with One-Man Star Wars Trilogy.
Charles Ross with One-Man Star Wars Trilogy.

Vancouver’s Fringe Festival continues its year-round programming with light saber battles, high school reflections, and a break from reality in what Fringe Executive Director David Jordan calls “a virtuosic ride through boyhood”.

“It’s every boy’s dream come true to be able to play like Charles Ross in his re-enactment of all three original Star Wars movies. In Virtual Solitaire we get to see the dark side of that male obsession with fantasy and video games when the fun doesn’t end, and finally, in Marathon, TJ Dawe takes us on a journey through awkwardness and isolation to manhood in his coming-of-age story,” says Jordan.

After last year’s sold out run of his One-Man Lord of the Rings, Charles Ross returns with One-Man Star Wars Trilogy (Feb 17-19).  Touring the world with the show since 2002, his show even comes with the stamp of approval from George Lucas himself.

Since Virtual Solitaire (Mar 17-29) first debuted in 1997, technology has advanced exponentially, and so too has its ability to leave users feeling isolated, disconnected, and sometimes addicted. In Virtual Solitaire, Nathan is addicted to full immersion virtual reality. He’s had the surgery, but can’t afford the bandwidth anymore. He turns to testing games for cash, but gets trapped in one when the characters take over his brain and body—and he can no longer tell the difference between his virtual reality and his real life.

Based on TJ Dawe’s short stint running track and field as a means of connecting with his high-school-principal-dad, in Marathon (Mar 17-29) Dawe links his actions and emotions to his understanding of the Enneagram and his Fringe career—giving audiences insight into the man who’s been delighting Fringe crowds since 1998.

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