Our picks this week: Children's Fest, Titillations & C'mon Angie

Vancouver International Children’s Festival (May 15-19)

The annual celebration returns to Granville Island with performances from around the globe for kids and families of all ages. Acrobatics, puppetry, theater, music and lots of arts activities are all part of this year’s Vancouver International Children’s Festival. More at childrensfestival.ca.

Leslie Dos Remedios in the Vancouver production of Baking Time. Photo by Emily Cooper Photography.
Leslie Dos Remedios in Baking Time. Photo by Emily Cooper Photography.

Titillations (May 31 & Jun 1-2)

Vancouver’s Shift Theatre presents the world premiere of Yvette Dudley-Neuman’s Titillations. A provocative exposé of the female experience told through original songs and a cast of fierce women, it explores issues of identity, body image, illness, and ageing. More at shifttheatre.ca.

Titillations by Yvette Dudley Neuman
Titillations by Yvette Dudley Neuman

C’mon, Angie! (May 31-Jun 9)

Amy Lee Lavoie’s new play C’mon, Angie! is definitely timely. The morning after a one-night stand, questions of consent lead to a highly charged confrontation. For Reed, it was a sexual fantasy played out in real time. For Angie, it was a violation. The details of their night together unravel as they struggle to unpack the truth of what happened. More at firehallartscentre.ca or touchstonetheatre.com.

C’mon, Angie!
C’mon, Angie! Photo by Bold Rezolution Studio.