Crawlspace, Elle & Spring Awakening

This week we live the real estate nightmare, go on an expedition with Jacques Cartier’s niece, and get unplugged with the sexual awakenings of 19th century youth.


The latest in the Boca del Lupo Micro Performance Series, Crawlspace (until Feb 18) is a darkly comedic and wildly theatrical tale upon which Vancouver audiences can relate. Inspired by creator and performer Karen Hines’ true story of her own real estate purchase gone nighmarishly wrong, audiences are invited into a dreamy re-incarnation of the hellish little house.


Elle (until Feb 18) is the Dora Award-winning play of Marguerite de La Rocque de Roberval, a French noblewoman who set out in 1542 for Canada with her uncle, Jacques Cartier. However, she finds herself abandoned on the deserted “Isle of Demons” off the coast of Newfoundland, as punishment for taking a lover during the voyage.

3Spring Awakening

Tomo Suru Players presents Spring Awakening

The Tony Award-winning musical Spring Awakening (until Feb 19) gets unplugged in this latest production. Set in 19th century Germany, it is the story is of adolescent sexual awakening among a group of school children living in a socially repressive setting.