Wizard Mode, Downtown Eastside Heart of the City Festival & Empire of the Son

This week, we meet a pinball wizard, join in celebrating with the residents of the Downtown Eastside, and go on a personal journey between father and son.

1. Wizard Mode

Photo: Salazar FIlm

We ain’t talking Harry Potter here. Earlier this year, Burnaby born and raised Robert Gagno was crowned the world’s best pinball player. He also happens to have autism. In Wizard Mode (Nov 1), Vancouver filmmakers Nathan Drillot and Jeff Petry chronicle Gagno’s journey to be the best in the world. The result is a film that is an intimate, personal depiction of Autism, family and dedication.

2. Heart of the City Festival

The 13th annual Downtown Eastside Heart of the City Festival (until Nov 6) continues celebrating the history, culture and people of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. This year’s twelve day festival features music, film, theatre, dance and more, under a theme of Living on Shared Territory.

3. Empire of the Son

Vancouver audiences get another chance as Tetsuro Shigematsu’s critical and audience hit, Empire of the Son (Nov 1-13) returns to The Cultch. Number three on our list of top ten productions in 2015, Empire of the Son is a gorgeous portrayal of Shigematsu’s relationship with his father, who passed away just days before the production’s premiere in 2015.

4. Vancouver Presents