The Arts Club will continue its Fall Theatre Trio with Anosh Irani’s Buffoon, a marvel of solo storytelling that is at once delightfully funny and shockingly heartbreaking. Playing the Granville Island Stage from October 22 to December 6, this is the first production presented at the venue since COVID-19 restrictions shuttered its doors earlier this year.

Born to circus folk who prefer trapezing over parenting, Felix (Kayvon Khoshkam and Andrew McNee, in alternating performances) quickly learns to turn life’s misfortunes into jokes. His longing for family and home is piqued at the tender age of seven when he falls for an older woman, age eight—an event that kickstarts his journey to becoming a true buffoon. A story of love, loss, and the fate that binds us, Buffoon is a gut-wrenching one-man show that expertly walks the tightrope between hilarity and heartbreak.

“Buffoon certainly has humour running through it, but there is also a sophistication to its language, images, and ideas that articulates a deep current of longing and need,” said Artistic Director Ashlie Corcoran. “To me, that is what is most attractive about this piece. Led by Lois Anderson’s astonishing direction, Kayvon Khoshkam and Andrew McNee are sure to present brilliant and unique performances in the role of Felix.”

Anosh Irani is an acclaimed author, playwright, and screenwriter. His work has garnered numerous nominations for some of the nation’s most prestigious awards.

“Anosh Irani is one of our most extraordinary Canadian novelists—for me to work with his language is thrilling,” said director Lois Anderson. “Every time Anosh returns to the theatre to write a play, we, the audience, encounter his wit, his vivid storytelling, his dark humour, his beautiful metaphors, and his poetic lens. He throws our gaze to the magical occurrences in everyday events…and we feel the push and pull of conflicting worlds.”

Buffoon is being produced using the Arts Club’s “bubble method” of theatre production. It will have two rotating casts and crews, led by stars Kayvon Khoshkam and Andrew McNee, who will each perform seven times a week and rehearse in separate halls. Director Lois Anderson will move between the bubbles. The performance and rehearsal models are designed to be as safe as possible for artists, staff, and audience members.

In order to aid in physical distancing, only 50 in-person tickets are available for every performance. Patrons will also have the option to purchase tickets to digital streams—both live and recorded—of Buffoon, which will be available to view for a limited time.

The Arts Club is taking many precautions to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and protect the health and welfare of patrons, artists, staff, and volunteers. Productions will be staged in adherence to safety guidelines established by the B.C. government.

Check the Arts Club Theatre Company website for exact dates and times for shows.

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