do you want what i have got? a craigslist cantata

do you want what i have got? a craigslist cantata
do you want what i have got? a craigslist cantata. Photo by Emily Cooper.

do you want what i have got? a craigslist cantata, written by Bill Richardson, Veda Hille, and Amiel Gladstone, is a musical revue based on real craigslist ads and posts. It was a critical and popular hit when it premiered in 2012 at the Arts Club, gaining fans everywhere for the way that it brought tenderness and meaning to the often hilarious things that people write on the internet.

After its held over Vancouver run it toured extensively in BC, as well as having runs in Whitehorse and Toronto. It then was remounted by Musical Stage Company in Toronto and toured to Edmonton, Calgary, and the National Arts Center in Ottawa.

The show portrays a cast of characters who make up the wild and wacky community of craigslist. In their attempts to buy and sell they also look for human connection. These characters will be brought back to life by an almost entirely new cast of Vancouver’s finest actors—Meaghan Chenosky, Chirag Naik, Amanda Sum, and Andrew Wheeler are new to the show, and Josh Epstein returns.

Once again Amiel Gladstone takes the wheel as director, with the added challenge of translating the musical for a live-streamed performance. No stranger to that task, Cultch pandemic artist-in-residence Veda Hille, whose show, Little Volcano, played a live-streamed version in October, takes up her place at the piano, joined by Barry Mirochnick on drums.

“This is a show about people reaching through their screens to try and connect with other people,” says Amiel Gladstone. “We are going to revisit the show in a time where it feels even more relevant than it did back then… I’m looking forward to us trying to reach through screens to bring people some fun, and to show them that even though we are having to be separate right now, we are not alone.”

Live-streamed from The Cultch’s Historic Theatre. Check The Cultch website for exact dates and showtimes.

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