Gimpy: A New Musical

Gimpy: A New Musical
Gimpy: A New Musical

By donation

November 25, 2020

7:00 pm / 9:00 pm



Realwheels Theatre


Following a national call for submissions for a playwright who lives with disability to participate in a residency that was to begin in early 2020, Vancouver’s Realwheels Theatre named Toronto-based artist Kirsten Kirsch as the recipient of their inaugural Playwright-in-Residence Award.

Throughout her residency, Kirsch has been working on her first original play, Gimpy: A New Musical, and is looking forward to sharing this work with the arts community as well as fans, friends, and family via a free (donations welcome) virtual reading of the script to be shared on Wednesday, November 25 at 7:00 pm PT. Following the reading, there will be a live Q&A where attendees are invited to ask questions of the playwright and the other artists.

Gimpy: A New Musical follows Soren, a young woman with a disability living in Tulsa, Oklahoma, who dreams of becoming a Broadway musical star. Despite her talent, the theatre world isn’t ready to risk casting a person with a disability. Meanwhile, her father, the fictional mayor of Tulsa, insists she follows a more practical career path. Soren meets a musician who recognizes her songwriting talent and she discovers a different route to her dreams of being a performing artist, helping out her beloved town along the way. The universal themes in this story will resonate through the perspective of a person with cerebral palsy carving their own path in life. In addition to writing her first play, Kirsten Kirsch also plays the lead character.

Due to COVID-19, development work on Gimpy: A New Musical was mostly done online. Kirsten worked closely with Realwheels Theatre’s Artistic Director Rena Cohen and dramaturges Liesl Lafferty, Susinn McFarlan, and Lynna Goldhar Smith.

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