Global Soundscapes Festival: Digital Edition 2020

Global Soundscapes Festival: Digital Edition 2020
Global Soundscapes Festival: Digital Edition 2020


The Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra’s annual Global Soundscapes Festival is a rich feast of sound and rhythm, celebrating the intersection of Canadian cultures with musical traditions from all over the world.

The 2020 edition has been re-imagined as a series of 16 brand new virtuoso filmed performances by VICO musicians and some of Vancouver’s finest chamber ensembles (Orchid Ensemble, Silk Road Music, Vashaan Ensemble, and others), to be released online throughout the month of November.

The videos, live performances filmed on multiple cameras in an intimate chamber setting, offer rare, close-up views of instruments that VICO audiences normally only see from a distance on the concert stage: Chinese erhu, pipa, zheng, dizi, dadi, guanzi; Persian santur, oud, kamanche, ney; violin, cello, guitar, piano, oboe, clarinet, bassoon; kiskosi (Native American flute); and percussion from around the globe. The sound, recorded on vintage analogue audio equipment, ensures that the unique colours of each instrument are clear and present, offering a compelling visual and aural concert experience for every viewer. Videographer Kerry Phillips has interspersed footage of gorgeous Vancouver and BC landscapes, rooting the music in the vibrant city and province that produced it.

“The overarching statement we hope to make is: We are here…and we are here together,” says VICO Artistic Director Mark Armanini.

The featured repertoire will juxtapose traditional music from world cultures with contemporary intercultural compositions by Canadian composers, including Mark Armanini, Qinglin Bruce Bai, Moshe Denburg, Saina Khaledi, Qiu Xia He & André Thibault, Anthony McNab, John Oliver, Parmela Attariwala, Ali Razmi, Lan Tung, and Jin Zhang.

Videos are released weekly. Visit the Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra for the complete line-up.

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