Japanese Dances with TomoeArts

Japanese Dances with TomoeArts

Vancouver’s TomoeArts joins forces with Burnaby’s Satsuki-kai for an illuminating online presentation of nihon buyoh, or Japanese classical and traditional dance. Ranging from theatrical kabuki to joyful folk-derived pieces and shin-buyoh or ‘new’ dances to popular music, they will share some of the styles of nihon buyoh, its rich history and culture, and its distinctive tradition of training, with knowledge handed down from teacher to disciple.

The Dance Centre’s 2020-21 season features a program of digital and small-scale live events adapted in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Discover Dance! series will be online in the fall with performances available for viewing for a limited time, with live events for small audiences resuming in the spring, complemented by digital streams.

TomoeArts promotes and performs nihon buyoh (Japanese classical dance), and creates performances incorporating Japanese forms and aesthetics. The company has produced traditional dances in parks, contemporary dance-theatre in art galleries, festival-dance inspired performance with hand-held projectors in rainy city streets, and kabuki dance concerts featuring master artists from Japan. TomoeArts’ founder and Artistic Director, Colleen Lanki has studied nihon buyoh since 1996, and was given the professional dance name, Fujima Sayū, in 2011, making her part if the Fujima School/Tradition.

Satsuki kai was formed in May 2011 by Nishikawa Kayo of the Nishikawa School of Japanese classical dance to give people an opportunity to enjoy learning Japanese dance. The group participates in many events, especially at Nikkei Place, and works hard to showcase Japanese culture through dance.  Past events include the annual Powell Street Festival, kimono fashion shows, performances at seniors’ residences and other multicultural events. The founder and leader of Satsuki kai is Yoko Matsuno, who received her “natori” (professional dance name), Nishikawa Kayo, in 1962. She now teaches nihon buyoh and “matsuri-ondo” (festival dancing), and she and her group volunteer at community events as dancers and kimono dressers.

Available online from Thursday November 26, 2020 at 12 noon PST until 1pm on December 10, 2020. Check The Dance Centre website for complete details.

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