Pathetic Fallacy

Pathetic Fallacy. Photo by Sophia Wolfe.
Pathetic Fallacy. Photo by Sophia Wolfe.



Rumble Theatre


A temperamental green screen. An absent performer. Strange weather. Every show a different stand-in receives instructions live, on stage.

In creating Pathetic Fallacy, writer/director Anita Rochon, who shares artistic director duties at The Chop with Emelia Symington Fedy, set herself the challenge of devising a live touring work that reduces climate impact by putting no performer “on tour.” Instead, every show—regardless of its geographic location—presents a different local actor in the central role of this provocative and innovative piece. Each performer receives all their staging instructions live, standing in front of a very temperamental broadcast media green screen.

Taking their turn at the green screen for this presentation will be local talents from Vancouver’s theatre and comedy worlds. The guest performers will be announced shortly, so please stay tuned to find out who will be gracing our real (and virtual) stage.

For each performance of Pathetic Fallacy, we are offering an in-person event option. Check the Rumble Theatre website for complete details.

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