Roots & Branches of Brazilian Music

Roots & Branches of Brazilian Music
Roots & Branches of Brazilian Music

November 14, 2020

8:00 pm / 9:30 pm



Vancouver Latin American Cultural Centre


Acclaimed guitar virtuoso and multi-instrumentalist Celso Machado explores the African, Indigenous, and European origins of his art in a special, one-time livestream event at Vancouver’s fabled Orpheum Theatre, presented by the Vancouver Latin American Cultural Centre (VLACC).

This charismatic Brazilian transplant, born of a musical family in São Paulo, has influenced a generation of Canadian players while forging his own voice in British Columbia and beyond.

The evening’s guests including guitarists Sara Magal and Joshua Seeler, veteran percussionist Liam MacDonald, and the martial-arts performers of Aché Capoeira will help him navigate the byways of Bossa Nova, Afro-Samba, the chamber-like Choro, and more obscure offshoots, most notably Jongo (also known as Caxambu or Tabu), a musical genre derived from the dances performed by slaves who worked the coffee plantations in Paraíba Valley, between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

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