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Friday, June 14, 2024

Michael J Fox among this year’s inductees into the BC Entertainment Hall of Fame

The BC Entertainment Hall of Fame has added 18 new members this year to the 275+ previous inductees who have been recognized for their significant contribution to the province’s entertainment industry and cultural landscape.

The 2016 StarWalk inductees include actor Michael J Fox, gospel singer Marcus Mosely, conductor, composer, and music producer Hal Beckett, Bhangra singer-songwriter Jaswinder Singh Bains (aka Jazzy B), and D.O.A. lead guitarist and vocalist, Joe Keithley.  StarWalk inductees are recognized with a star in the walk of fame on the Granville Street sidewalk and in the StarWall photo Gallery in the Orpheum Theatre.

The Hall of Fame also added 13 new Pioneer members to its ranks, recognizing those who have “left an indelible mark on BC’s entertainment landscape”.

Pioneer members this year include musicians George Calangis, Sharman King, Tom Lavin, Ian McDougall, Linda McRae and Tab Shori; dancer Renee Cherrier; producers Rai Purdy, Steve Edge and the Filippone Brothers; and directors, Crawford Hawkins, Diane Loomer and Carole Tarlington.

“The BC Entertainment Hall of Fame is proud and excited to present a very diverse and impressive group of Pioneer and StarWalk inductees who represent artistic excellence in British Columbia”, said Rob Haynes, President of the BC Entertainment Hall of Fame in a media release.

The first induction will take place on May 26 when Michael J. Fox will be inducted at a private gala dinner. Other individual induction ceremonies will take place in venues around British Columbia.

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