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Jessica Gabriel in Multiple Organism. Photo by Chloe Ziner.

Theatre review: Multiple Organism takes the audience on a wild ride

Winner of the 2017 Cultchivating the Fringe Award, Mind of a Snail moves from the Fringe to The Cultch’s Culture Lab with its bold...
"I love the challenge of bringing each of the play's individual worlds to life. As a director, it's a pleasure to decipher the play's narrative and putting that on stage in both a spectacular and authentic way." - Davey Calderon

2019 Pull Festival: Q&A with director Davey Calderon

The Pull Festival, Vancouver’s annual festival of ten minute plays, returns for its eighth year featuring new works from Vancouver-based playwrights. In the final in of our...
The cast of Hot Brown Honey. Photo by Dylan Evans.

Theatre review: Hot Brown Honey is the future of feminism

Opening like a stand-up show and ending like a dance hall, Hot Brown Honey is a movement set to some busty beats. It is...
"As a theatre practitioner, I love working on projects that break the rules, make new ones, and are fueled by joy and curiosity. This festival, and the work it invites in, exceeds that criteria." - Amanda Testini

2019 Pull Festival: Q&A with director Amanda Testini

The Pull Festival, Vancouver’s annual festival of ten minute plays, returns for its eighth year featuring new works from Vancouver-based playwrights. In the latest in of our...
Members of the 3.7% Initiative. Photo: Boca del Lupo.

Meet Boca del Lupo’s 3.7 percent in Envision

Forget the 1%, meet the 3.7% of the new initiative from Vancouver’s Boca del Lupo. Developed by Boca del Lupo’s artistic director Sherry J Yoon,...
Raes Calvert in Redpatch. Photo by Ian Jackson (Epic Photography).

Redpatch casts a light on the Indigenous soldiers of the Great War

Between 1914 and 1918, close to four thousand Indigenous men volunteered to fight for Canada in World War I. It is an extraordinary number...
In Reverberations, Brian Linds combines innovative sound technology with vintage systems to replay key moments from his life.

Theatre review: Reverberations is a mixtape of memories

During one of the interludes between the vignettes which make-up Reverberations, creator Brian Linds asked our group if we had ever received a mixtape....
Nina (Anais West), a polyamorous bisexual poet, meets Gabbie (Sara Vickruck) a monogamous lesbian songwriter, at Cafe Deux Soleil. They struggle to reconcile their fierce mutual attraction with their opposing perspectives on love.

Theatre review: Poly Queer Love Ballad is a musical treat

Poly Queer Love Ballad is back after its successful run at the Vancouver Fringe Festival last fall. Winner of the Playwrights Theatre Centre’s Fringe...
Ian Butcher as Deke in Gross Misconduct. Photo by David Cooper.

Gross Misconduct deals with morality inside prison

In Vancouver playwright Meghan Gardiner’s new play Gross Misconduct, the fifty-something Deke has been in prison without a cellmate for the past twenty years. Enter...
The first North American tour company of Come From Away. Photo by Matthew Murphy.

Theatre review: Come From Away may very well restore your faith in humanity

For anyone who has looked in bewilderment at the rabid pride some fans can show for their favourite sports team, the musical Come From...

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