Friday, October 23, 2020
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Damon Calderwood and Gordon Roberts perform in the upcoming Ace Productions presentation of Billy Bishop Goes to War.

Billy Bishop takes to the skies once again: in conversation with Damon Calderwood and...

Billy Bishop takes to the skies once again as Ace Productions presents the Governor General's Award‐winning musical documenting the heroic First World War exploits...
Are audiences returning to theatres? Vancouver Presents checks in with a number of arts organizations to find out how they are coping with the pandemic. Photo by Julian Bossert/Unsplash.

Weathering the pandemic storm: hope and anxiety mix inside Vancouver theatres

When the Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance (GVPTA) released its BC Patron Insights survey results in September, the biggest finding showed that while 62%...
No Child... features two rotating casts and crews, led by stars Celia Aloma and Ali Watson (above in photos by Moonrider Productions). 

In conversation with Celia Aloma and Ali Watson

The Arts Club Theatre Company has returned to live performances with No Child... the first of a trio of one-person shows in its fall...
From South Korea to new Canadian, Maki Yi recounts her immigrant story as Pacific Theatre re-opens to live performances. Photo by Emily Cooper.

Something old and something new as Pacific Theatre re-opens to live performances

There may not be anything borrowed or blue as Pacific Theatre re-opens its doors after its months-long pandemic closure, but it does return with...
Krystle Dos Santos as Viola Desmond in Hey Viola! Photo by David Cooper.

Viola Desmond’s story comes to life with music in Hey Viola!

For many Canadians, Viola Desmond is simply the face of the current ten-dollar bill or recognized from her 2016 Heritage Minute. Both commemorate Desmond's...
Ali Watson in the Arts Club Theatre Company production of One Child... Photo by Moonrider Productions.

Theatre review: No Child… reminds us of the transformative nature of art

The inner-city teacher genre has no lack of examples from which to draw on. In particular, Hollywood has run with the theme with movies...
Vancouver-based actor Daniel Bristol is one of 17 finalists in the professional category at this year's World Monologue Games.

Daniel Bristol versus the world

Not only is Vancouver actor Daniel Bristol one of only 17 finalists competing in the professional category at this year's World Monologue Games, he...
H.G. Wells’ Martian invasion tale, now set in present-day Chicago and other parts of the state, will be performed live six times per week via Zoom.

A War of the Worlds will play out from across North America

With the ever-changing restrictions due to the pandemic, the theatrical landscape continues to adapt. One theatre company embracing the new norm is Chicago's Theatre...

Kathryn Shaw to depart Studio 58 after 35 years as artistic director

Studio 58 has announced long-time artistic director Kathryn Shaw will depart at the end of 2020 after 35 years of leading the professional theatre...
David King and Nicola Cavendish.

Nicola Cavendish returns to the stage for Overdale

After announcing her retirement from the stage following a production of Marion Bridge in 2018, Nicola Cavendish will return for a live play reading...

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