Thursday, October 17, 2019
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Miami City Ballet presents Balanchine

Dance review: Balanchine is music on stage

Miami City Ballet - founded and directed by Lourdes Lopez, a former Balanchine dancer - is one of America’s finest companies, and Balanchine interpreters....

how to be opens up the possibilities for dance and theatre

Boca del Lupo opens its 2015 Micro Performance Series (MPS) with how to be, a dance/theatre hybrid that explores how we think we “should be”,...
Backstage performs as part of the dance line-up at the 2015 Chutzpah! Festival

Chutzpah! celebrates a world of dance

It is a good time to be a dance fan in Vancouver. Following on the heels of the PuSh Festival, the Chutzpah! Festival plays...

Men en pointe and in tutus: Les Trocks returns to Vancouver after 30 years

Like many industries seemingly dominated by women, ballet began as a men-only activity.  As was the case with theatre actors and yogis, women were...
Goh Ballet presents The Nutcracker on stage until December 22

Goh Ballet’s Nutcracker is a neatly wrapped package of delight

Every December there is a spattering of productions that inevitably find their way into our lives, and everyone has a handful of favourites they'll...
Jenifer Dahl, Naoko Murakoshi, Andrea Nann and Graham McKelvie in the Four Horsemen Project. Photo by John Lauener.

Review: The Four Horsemen Project refuses to take itself too seriously

There is an odd tension that is created while watching Volcano Theatre’s The Four Horsemen Project.  For those not up on their Canadian poetry history,...
Denise Clarke performs in wag at the Firehall Arts Centre

wag is uncomplicated, sorrowful and funny

There is something eternally beautiful about watching a performer who is not only entirely present in what they are doing, but who is clearly having...
Bboyizm brings Music Creates Opportunity to the Cultch in October.

Bboyizm explores a deeper side of street dance

Street dancing, break dancing, B-boying, or urban dancing.  Call it what you like, it's not often that you get to see this style of...
Ballet Preljocaj opens the Dance Centre's 2014/15 Global Dance Connections series. Photo by Jean-Claude Carbonne

Empty moves creates an ode to the abstract of John Cage’s original work

The Dance Centre’s 2014-2015 Global Dance Connections contemporary dance series opens with celebrated French choreographer Angelin Preljocaj’s Empty moves (parts I, II & III),...
A scene from Sho Me Wut U Gut by choreographer Noam Gagnon.

Dance review: the Ottawa Dance Directive is daring and skilled

Generally when people connected to the arts think of Ottawa they think of politics and funding cuts. Now everyone will have something new to...

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