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Adelleh Furseth and Markian Tarasiuk in Studio 58's Kosmic Mambo. Photo by Emily Cooper.

Theatre review: Kosmic Mambo is innovative and visually stunning

On the anniversary of the launch of the world’s first artificial satellite, Russia’s Sputnik 1, Studio 58 blasts off with its first production of...
Dawn Petten and Quelemia Stacey Sparrow in the Osimous Theatre production of Our Town.

Theatre review: Our Town will make you want to linger

Act one will calm, act two will excite and the finale will not only make you cry, it will force you to think about...
The Rainmaker marks the start of Emily Cooper's fourth season with Pacific Theatre.

The many faces of Emily Cooper

Now into her fourth year, photographer and collage artist Emily Cooper is back at Pacific Theatre for another season, with the striking imagery that...
Holly Lewis and Scott Bellis in Educating Rita. Photo by Murray Mitchell.

Theatre review: Educating Rita feels less relevant

It would seem George Bernard Shaw is all the rage in 2014. As the Arts Club Theatre Company trots out Willy Russell's 1980 Educating Rita...
Joel Bernbaum and Kayvon Kelly explore friendship in My Rabbi. Photo by Derek Ford.

My Rabbi puts friendship to the test

Just how challenging can friendships be? Kayvon Kelly and Joel Bernbaum put their own to the test with their play My Rabbi, set to...
The undead return in The Virtual Stage's On Death’s Door: Plague of the Zombie Syndrome

The undead return to the streets of Vancouver

For someone who has spent the last three years scaring people on the streets of Vancouver with Zombie Syndrome, a mash-up of site-specific theatre...
Director Stephen Heatley moves Twelfth Night to New Orleans. Photo by Tim Matheson.

This Twelfth Night is inspired by a trip to The Big Easy

Theatre at UBC kicks off its new season with a production of Twelfth Night inspired by a trip to The Big Easy. “We wanted to...
The cast of Kosmic Mambo prepares for their mission to Mars in October. Photo by David Cooper.

Studio 58 joins the space race with Kosmic Mambo

Studio 58 opens its new season with the non-verbal movement piece, Kosmic Mambo, inspired by the 200 year old text of The Rime of...
Osimous Theatre takes a new look at Thornton Wilder's Our Town

Bob Frazer wants to change the way we think about Our Town

Bob Frazer thinks that Thornton Wilder’s Our Town sometimes gets a bad rap.  The quiet 1938 play about the residents of Grover's Corners in the...
The cast of Susinn McFarlen's Since You Left Us

Theatre review: Since You Left Us is a surprisingly complex script

At first glance, Since You Left Us has all the hallmarks of a farce, complete with its over-the-top characters and the ridiculous situations they...

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