Saturday, April 17, 2021

20 Questions

Meet Vancouver theatre maker Tiffany Anderson.

20 questions with Tiffany Anderson

Meet Vancouver theatre artist and maker Tiffany Anderson. Meet Tiffany Anderson Tiffany Anderson has been exploring the art of story-telling since she can remember. While she began...
Meet Vancouver playwright and actor Lucia Frangione.

20 questions with Lucia Frangione

Meet Vancouver playwright and actor Lucia Frangione. Meet Lucia Frangione Lucia is a single Mom living in Vancouver, the author of twenty five plays, and works as...
Meet director, writer and choreographer Conrad Alexandrowicz.

20 questions with Conrad Alexandrowicz

Meet director, writer and choreographer Conrad Alexandrowicz. Meet Conrad Alexandrowicz Conrad is a director, writer and choreographer, and the artistic director of Wild Excursions Performance. He is a storyteller who combines...
Meet performer and theatre creator Rod Peter Jr.

20 questions with Rod Peter Jr

Meet performer and theatre creator Rod Peter Jr. Meet Rod Peter Jr Rod Peter Jr.’s past works include, Kitt & Jane ( 2011/2012) which won best the...
20 questions with Vancouver actor Anthony F Ingram.

20 questions with Anthony F Ingram

Meet actor Anthony F Ingram. Meet Anthony F Ingram Anthony F. Ingram is Vancouver born and bred, having lived away from his home-town a total of one...
20 questions with Vancouver actor Susan Coodin.

20 Questions with Susan Coodin

Meet actor Susan Coodin. Meet Susan Coodin Susie is an actor who works in theatre, film and television. She has had the opportunity to work all over...
20 Questions with Vancouver actor Michael Charrois

20 Questions with Michael Charrois

Meet Vancouver actor Michael Charrois. Meet Michael Charrois Michael arrived in Vancouver at the turn of the century from Edmonton where he studied acting and playwrighting at...