Playing as part of the 2018 Vancouver Queer Film Festival, in Deep Inside Clint Star, filmmaker Clint Alberta travels across Canada to produce a series of lively and candid interviews with Indigenous youth about their life, sexuality and hopes.

Punky and colourful, with quick cuts, various filters and bold title cards, many of Alberta’s interviews are candid and vulnerable, including a scene where an attempt to get a young couple to declare their love to each other fails.

Although Alberta presses his subjects to open up about their sex lives, it is only when he starts asking proactive questions about identify (“When did you realize you were an Indian?”) that the viewer really starts to learn and gain perspective.

Deep Inside Clint is at its most powerful when Alberta gives voice to people who are often marginalized and ignored. And while its queer content is minimal and at first shocking as Albert admonishes someone with the word fag, it remains both a dynamic and revealing film.

Deep Inside Clint Star screens as part of the 2018 Vancouver Queer Film Festival on 18 August 2018 at 9:30 pm at the York Theatre. Visit for tickets and information.