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Friday, June 14, 2024

2019 Pull Festival: Q&A with playwright Katie Gartlan-Close

Vancouver Presents contributor to have her play produced as part of festival of ten-minute plays

The Pull Festival, Vancouver’s annual festival of ten-minute plays, returns for its eighth year featuring new works from Vancouver-based playwrights.

One of those playwrights is Vancouver Presents contributor Katie Gartlan-Close who will see her play Bean and Hat performed at this year’s Festival.

In this bonus to our special series on this year’ Festival we chat with Katie to find out more.

This interview has been edited.

Tell us about Bean and Hat. What can audiences expect?

Bean and Hat is a short clown-based play that follows an eccentric duo-Bean and Hat. They are funny, tender and grappling with the big question of death.

How did you get involved with the Pull Fest?

I watched the Pull Fest a few years back, and remember it being an exciting theatre experience. After writing this piece, I figured I should try and submit it to Pull.

Did you write the play with Pull Fest in mind?

No I didn’t, but it worked well as Bean and Hat is made up of short scenes and so the Pull Festival is the perfect platform to explore them in.

What does Pull Fest offer emerging playwrights such as yourself?

The Pull Festival is a very unique offering for playwrights to see their work taken from a script onto the stage in a very short time. I am honoured to participate and get the opportunity to see my writing develop into a performance.

Is this your first produced play?

Yes, it is. I’ve had a staged reading of one of my plays in the past, but this will be my first produced play.

Are you in the rehearsal room with the show?  If so, what is that process like?

Yes, I got the chance to attend one rehearsal so far and will definitely go back again. It’s a weird and wonderful process. I’ve been able to answer questions that actors have and just to see the work that the team has all put into this little play is exciting to watch. The team is made up of a couple of artists that I went to Simon Fraser University with, so it’s exciting to work with them in this capacity.

The play is only 10-minutes in length – as a playwright is that more difficult than writing a full-length play?

Maybe a little, in the sense that you only have ten minutes to introduce the world and the characters. Then you have to try and convey an arc within the characters. It’s a short time, but it’s a fun challenge.

Why should someone come see Bean and Hat?

Come for a giggle. Come to question life and death. Come to see these two characters who are near and dear to my heart. Hopefully they’ll warm yours.

Pull Fest VIII takes place at the Havana Theatre (1212 Commercial Dr, Vancouver) March 27-30. Visit for tickets and information.

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