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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Alice’s adventures get a sexy twist in Vixens of Wonderland

From Concrete Vertigo Productions comes the latest fusion of musical theatre and burlesque with Vixens of Wonderland, an updated and sexy twist on the Lewis Carroll classic Alice in Wonderland.

“It is a high fashion Vegas-style show,” says producer Cameron Chase who was responsible for last year’s theatrical burlesque mash-up Grimm Girls, that took familiar children’s fairy tales and amped up the adult content with sexy costumes and provocative burlesque numbers.

“I realized that you can take a well-known property like Alice in Wonderland and make it new again.  We take the campiness of an old story and camp it up for an adult audience,” explains Chase of his interest in children’s literature.

Citing a lack of adult entertainment in Vancouver, Chase says that the recognizable stories draw people in and then he and his team add some mature fun.

“This year we’re going for a really big and splashy show,” enthuses Chase.  “What I liked about Grimm Girls was that was in a small space and very minimal, but with Vixens we working it like a Vegas show with a raised runway, large set pieces and with things we’ve never worked with before like water and some Vegas showgirl techniques.”

A re-working of the Alice story, Chase says that the show is ultimately about inclusiveness and empowerment.

“We’ve got our fair share of ladies, but we’re also got more men this year,” says Chase.  “This show is much more inclusive with people of all shapes and sizes; a regular melting pot of diversity and talent.”

That variety has helped Chase attract more people to his company and one that he also hopes is a draw for audiences.

“In the early days it was a little difficult to get people to do the burlesque,” admits Chase. “Now with our fourth show, people are much more comfortable.  Having people of all shapes and sizes really does help because nobody feels awkward.  The cast we have just wants to own it and feel the empowerment.  It is also something that our audiences appreciate.”

Vixens of Wonderland plays Performance Works on Granville Island August 15-29.  Visit Brown Paper Tickets for tickets and information.

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