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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Before The Curtain Goes Up: Parifam

The Cultch presents Aki Yaghoubi's Parifam as part of the seventh annual Femme Festival from April 4-14.

The Cultch presents award-winning Iranian-Canadian theatre artist Aki Yaghoubi’s Parifam, one of four world premieres in its seventh annual Femme Festival.

Produced by Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre and Medusa Theatre Society, Parifam tells the story of Parifam Mana, who, detached from family and friends, draws and paints in her private studio in MontrĂ©al. In this place, memory and inspiration are in a continuous battle. Parifam’s world is turned upside down when her childhood friend Ramak re-enters her life. Parifam and Ramak grapple with the hidden truths that linger in their past, soon to be revealed in an exhibition on Persian culture at a museum they built together.

A recurring theme of Yaghoubi’s work is that of a person experiencing multiple metaphorical births in their lifetime, a theme inspired by the 13th-century Persian poet Rumi and woven throughout this contemporary Iranian drama.

“Parifam experiences rebirth,” says Yaghoubi. “She’s meeting herself in her past through her paintings. Painting by painting, she meets different versions of herself, becomes stronger, and becomes able to embrace all these different versions of herself from her past and become whole.”

In this edition of Before The Curtain Goes Up, David C Jones speaks with director Panthea Vatandoost to learn more.

The Cultch presents the Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre and Medusa Theatre Society production of Parifam at its Historic Theatre (1895 Venables St, Vancouver) from April 4-14. Visit for tickets and information.

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