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Sunday, May 19, 2024

James & Jamesy take on Christmas

Catastrophe strikes at James and Jamesy’s Christmas tea party

Vancouver’s favourite “British” comedians, James and Jamesy, are putting their own unique spin on the holidays with O Christmas Tea.

In O Christmas Tea, catastrophe strikes at James and Jamesy’s Christmas tea party. The friends leap into action, finding innovative and hilarious solutions to keep them afloat above a world submerged in tea.

“In O Christmas Tea, my character’s wish for tea is granted, but with catastrophic and uproarious repercussions. As tea fills my flat and floods the world, our performance spills from the stage into the audience,” says Alastair Knowles (aka Jamesy).

With their unique blend of immersive and physical comedy, the duo uses such classic narratives as Jaws, Noah’s ark and the Titanic, it is all in celebration of friendship at Christmas.

“The Christmas season is the time of year when we are encouraged to dream big, embrace imagination, and celebrate child-like excitement for magic and merriment,” says Knowles.

O Christmas Tea plays the Kay Meek Centre in West Vancouver on December 6 & 7. Visit for tickets and information.

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