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Probability toys with the ripple effect in a non-linear story

Dusty Foot Productions presents Probability at the 2018 rEvolver Theatre Festival

The 2018 rEvolver Theatre Festival gets underway at The Cultch next week, featuring eleven mainstage shows, and an array of free and by-donation events, by emerging and mid-level Canadian artists.

In the final Q&A in our series, we we find out more about Probability.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

Tell us about Probability.

Probability is a premiere production about the space in between certainty, the odds and
impossibility of any romantic encounter.

Two women meet after midnight on a quiet Tuesday night and play out the five probable paths which their relationship could venture down. In the end, do they ever meet? Should they ever meet? Probability toys with the ripple effect theme in life with its non-linear plot

​Why present Probability at the rEvolver Festival?

rEvolver offers a professional supportive platform for emerging artist to present new
experimental work. rEvolver offers to shine light on new emerging artist by providing a space to play, professional guidance to grow and a passionate following to share with. The Probability team is immensely grateful for the opportunity to share the playing field with rEvolver Festival; a deliciously, professional, inviting, creative network to share a premiere production and launch an emerging company with.

​How is this production bringing something new to this story?

Probability is a text-based premiere production, supported by a multimedia design concept of digital projections and shadow play and a multidisciplinary directorial style of text and movement.

Emerging playwright & director Patricia Trinh is fascinated by the flawed human dissociation of our ego self versus our true self. Trinh explores how, when and why our ego is triggered by giving a literal voice and body to each characters’ subtext.

Written as two characters performed by four actors, Probability offers to explore symbolism through a movement based personification of our innate internal impulses, mental thought clutter and suppressed vulnerable emotions. When our words fail us, let our body say what we cannot.

​What has been challenging about bringing this script to life?

The dissociation of the characters’ ego self and true self require the actors to play to their
partner and off their own personified internal thoughts. By personifying the characters subtext in the script, we were required to explore the sweet spot of balance between text and movement. When the movement serves the action or distracts from the action. When is it important for the movement to mirror the action, embellish the action or contradict the action. The movement in Probability fills the space in between what is actually being said and what is thought but cannot be said. What does the movement reveal or hide about each character’s’ internal struggle and ego.

​Who is going to love this show?

Probability offers visual stimulus with projections and shadow play, a premiere script
that toys with the ripple effect theme in life with its non-linear plot, and a movement
vocabulary to personify each character’s inner turmoil. Probability makes use of multiple
disciplines and multiple media outlets in hopes to share its story with a wider range of audience.

​What is going to surprise people about this show?

The unique interweaving of multiple disciplines and multiple media outlets within the
text based format.

​Why should someone want to see Probability?

Dusty Foot Productions is an emerging, female-centric, multimedia, multidisciplinary,
independent theatre company launching in Vancouver with the world premiere of Probability.  It is performed by an all female powerhouse cast and written and directed by a local emerging female artist.

The Historic Theatre at The Cultch (1895 Venables Street, Vancouver)
May 24 7:00pm
May 25 9:30pm
May 26 9:30pm
May 27 5:30pm

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