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Friday, June 14, 2024

Prophecy Fog takes audiences on a journey to sacred lands

Richmond's Gateway Theatre presents Jani Lauzon's Prophecy Fog from March 9-18.

Can a site still be sacred if it has been desecrated? Award-winning Indigenous artist Jani Lauzon takes audiences on a journey to Giant Rock in the Mojave Desert in search of answers in the Gateway Theatre production of Prophecy Fog.

Prophecy Fog is based on Lauzon’s voyage to the sacred site of Giant Rock in California’s Mojave Desert, a spiritual site for Indigenous nations for thousands of years. Today, it’s covered in graffiti and surrounded by broken bottles.

Prophecy Fog beautifully integrates the performance skills of veteran raconteur Jani Lauzon and the expertise of environmental designer Melissa Joakim, along with director Franco Boni to elicit a conscious remembering of ancient prophecies that speak to rock teachings, star beings, and earth changes. Through the 80-minute performance, audiences will be taken on a beautiful and profound journey about our relationships with land, family, and sacred spaces.

“This is an intimate and meditative production that will draw audiences in as the talented Jani Lauzon weaves together the story of Giant Rock as told through her captivating performance,” says Gateway’s director of artistic programs, Barbara Tomasic. “Evocative environmental designs surround the performance, and the in-the-round seating style brings the audience up close to this tale. This intimacy may affect how the audiences appreciate the sky, the stars and even the rocks.”

Gateway Theatre presents Prophecy Fog from March 9 through March 18 in its Studio B (6500 Gilbert Rd, Richmond). Visit for tickets and information.

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