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Friday, June 14, 2024

Symposium recommendations have something to say to the wider theatre community

As Vancouver is about to begin its season of Pride, the timing could not have been better for the four recommendations that have emerged from Q2Q: A Symposium on Queer Theatre and Performance in Canada.

The four-day conference held earlier this month, brought together a wide range of voices contributing to the LGBT2Q live arts scenes from across the country, and featured a variety of round table discussions, as well as a performance component.

“We’re just emerging from the intense, emotional, illuminating, transformative conference that was Q2Q,” says Chris Gatchalian, artistic producer of the frank theatre company, and one of the symposium organizers.

Generated by the QTIBPOC (Queer/Trans*/Indigenous/Black/People of Colour) delegates at the symposium, the recommendations will no doubt resonate with the wider Vancouver theatre community, who continue to grapple with issues around diversity.

“These are recommendations that I think the larger theatre and performance community will find of interest as well, given the necessary and vital conversations happening around inclusiveness and equity,” says Gatchalian.

The four recommendations are:

1.  Acknowledge that Two Spirit people have been performing on this land since time immemorial and should be looked to for leadership in the creation of queer futures on these lands and waterways.

2.  Build meaningful relationships with QTIBPOC artists and engage us in decision-making roles.

3. Active collaboration with QTIBPOC artists from the Deaf, Disability, Mad (crip) communities.

4.  Educate yourselves about white supremacy and join QTIBPOC artists in the pursuit of equity.


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