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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

The quest for supremacy in Throne and Games

With fans of the HBO series Game of Thrones just beginning to see what is in store for season four, Vancouver’s The Fictionals Comedy Company are bringing the wildly popular series to the Rio Theatre in a live action  theatrical version.

Entirely unscripted, Throne and Games promises to bring to life your favourite characters in a battle for the now empty Iron Improv Throne of Westeros.  Though swords are the weapons of choice in the television series, Throne and Games players will battle with only their cutting wit in this competitive improv show. Will Rob Stark and Lady Stark claim the throne, the Lannisters reign supreme, or Khaleesi and Jorah rule over all? It is the audience that will ultimately decide.

In honour of the new season of the television series and to commemorate the first battle of Throne and Games, we bring you three of our favourite  (and goriest) moments from Game of Thrones.

Throne and Games plays the Rio Theatre on April 23, May 7 and June 5, 2014.  Visit for tickets or for more information.

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