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Stephen King’s Misery comes to life on stage

Arts Club Theatre Company celebrates the 30th anniversary of King's novel with touring production of stage adaptation

Misery turned thirty this year, and the Arts Club Theatre Company is celebrating with William Goldman’s stage adaptation of the Stephen King novel.

A two-time Academy Award-winner, Goldman’s writing credits include Butch Cassidy and the Sundance KidThe Stepford Wives, and All the President’s Men. Goldman was also responsible for writing the screenplay for the 1990 film version in which Kathy Bates scored both Oscar and Golden Globe best actress wins. He also worked as a consultant on the film adaptation of King’s Dolores Claiborne in 1995, which also happened to star Bates.

A slight departure from King’s usual horror genre at the time, Misery is the story of a successful romance novelist, Paul Sheldon, rescued from a car crash by his “number one fan”, Annie Wilkes. Angered because he has killed off her favourite character, Annie forces Paul to resurrect her in a new book. Paul soon finds himself writing for his freedom, and his life.

“Staging a thriller by the master of the genre is a rare opportunity and we’re excited to bring something quite different with this show,” says Arts Club artistic managing director, Bill Millerd. “Director Rachel Ditor has given our longtime properties master Michael Gall, and his team, the chance to really show off their talent for special effects.”

Vancouver actor Andrew McNee will leave the touring company of Onegin, after its Vancouver run is complete, to take on the role of Paul. Misery also stars Lucia Frangione as Annie, and features Munish Sharma as Sheriff Buster.

“Casting such warm and fearless performers as Lucia Frangione and Andrew McNee adds some humanity to this classic thriller,” says Ditor. “In them we have people to root for and identify with in a way that makes the most of experiencing this story live.”

Misery begins its British Columbia tour on January 5 at West Vancouver’s Kay Meek Centre. The production moves onto various locations around Metro Vancouver, and as far afield as Chilliwack and Vernon. The tour is scheduled to end in Maple Ridge on February 8.

Misery will also play Vancouver’s Granville Island Stage from April 5 to May 5.

Visit https://artsclub.com for tickets and information.

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