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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Theatre review: Ladyparts is a celebration of women everywhere

Fighting the patriarchy with laughter and hard-hitting truths

Created by Katey Hoffman and Cheyenne Mabberley, the makers of the knock-out The After After Party, Ladyparts is an absolute riot, in a no-holds celebration of hilarious and powerful women. Joining the duo are Arggy Jenati and Agnes Tong who also prove to be comedic powerhouses themselves.

The show begins with Hoffman and Mabberley, two white performers, asking Jenati and Tong, two women of colour, a few uneasy questions. As they make assumptions about where they’re from, it is truly uncomfortable. They then flip the show on its head as they all come onstage to an upbeat dance to “Pussy” by Lady and announce things like “a lady is whoever identifies as a lady”.

A series of sketches, Ladyparts includes a “fucked up” corner where the performers take a shot of alcohol and tell the audience something that is messed up about the world. In light of the current abortion laws, many of these bits are centred on this topic.

There is also a confession spot downstage where each actor shares a personal and vulnerable story of their own experiences as a woman. Each story is powerful and breaks your heart a little with the awful truth.

Director Pippa Mackie clearly has a penchant for comedy, bringing together a variety of elements into a cohesive performance that feels like SNL meets the Baroness von Sketch Show meets Broad City.

Each night a guest is invited to perform midway through the show. On this particular evening, stand-up comedian Jackie Hoffart stepped in to cover another performer who was unable to make it. The stand-up was a nice shift, and Hoffart’s awkward charm made for a hilarious set.

Comedic geniuses, it is difficult to stop laughing at this quartet and it is clear just how much fun they are having performing this show. As the show went on, even Mabberley had a hard time holding in her own laughter.

Ladyparts is relevant, necessary and hilarious. In a celebration of womanhood in all of its intricacies and messed up expectations, these women are fighting the patriarchy with both laughter and hard-hitting truths.

Ladyparts created by Katey Hoffman and Cheyenne Mabberley. An After Party Theatre Production. No further performances. Part of the 2019 rEvolver Festival which runs until June 2. Visit for information.

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