Le NoShow Vancouver is a 135-minute, sans intermission, interactive exploration into how much we value live theatre and the actors who create it. It stretches both the imagination and, in some instances, the purse strings. Once you abandon any discomfort in favour of accepting the point of the show, though, you’re in for a highly entertaining evening. That’s not to say, however, that there won’t be more than a few uncomfortable moments along the way.

Adapted to resonate with B.C. audiences from the successful original Quebec production, Le NoShow Vancouver explores how much we are prepared to pay to support live theatre when it is so much easier and cheaper to stay home and turn on Netflix, play with social media or watch television.

Editor’s note (28 Feb): this review has been truncated at the request of Théâtre la Seizième. They have requested we not reveal much of the show’s content. Given the difficulty in meeting this request, for which we were given no advance notice prior to publication, we have chosen to reveal nothing beyond the first two paragraphs of the original review.

Le NoShow Vancouver by Hubert Lemire and Francois Bernier and the actors. Directed by by Hubert Lemire. A Théâtre la Seizième production in collaboration with Théâtre du Bunker and Collectif Nous Sommes ici. On stage at Performance Works (1218 Cartwright St, Granville Island, Vancouver) until March 1. Visit seizieme.ca for tickets and information.