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Friday, June 14, 2024

20 questions with Norman Armour

Meet Norman Armour, co-founder and Artistic and Executive Director of the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival.

The 2015 PuSh International Performing Arts Festival runs January 20-February 8. Visit for more information.

Meet Norman Armour

Norman is a Vancouver-based curator and artist. Since graduating from SFU’s School for the Contemporary Arts in 1986, he has collaborated on over 100 projects for the stage and other media. Norman co-founded Rumble Productions, a mainstay of Vancouver’s independent theatre scene. During his 15-year tenure, the company’s mission embraced the creation and presentation of new works, innovative adaptations of classics, site-specific and large-scale interdisciplinary events, dance/theatre collaborations, live-remote radio broadcasts, and the aspirations of young artists.  In 2003, he co-founded the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival and has been its Artistic and Executive Director since 2006. He is the recipient of numerous awards, including Simon Fraser University’s Distinguished Alumni, City of Vancouver’s Mayor’s Arts and Civic Merit awards, and the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

20 Questions with Norman Armour

1. Your first job.

House painter.

2. The job you always wanted as a child.

Race car driver.

3. Your pet peeve.


4. Your hero.

My mother.

5. Your biggest indulgence.


6. One thing no one knows about you.

I’m a big Tom Jones fan.

7. Three things you would want with you on a deserted island.

My partner, ice cream and good books.

8. The one word your best friend would use to describe you.


9. If you were not Artistic & Executive Director of PuSh what would you be doing right now?

Directing theatre.

10. Hero or villain.


11. Your life’s motto/mantra.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

12. Your favourite playwright.

Harold Pinter.

13. The last book you read.

The Golden Spruce.

14. If you were a cartoon character what cartoon character would you be?


15. What will it say on your grave marker?

Just resting for a bit.

16. Who would you most like to have dinner with?

Helen Mirren.

17. Your idea of happiness.

A warm fall day, sitting under a tree in a park.

18. If you could go back in time, what would you tell your twenty year old self?

Don’t sweat it.

19. The one thing in your life that makes you most proud.

The PuSh Festival.

20. To be or not to be?

That is the question.

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