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20 questions with Sharron Matthews and George Masswohl

Meet Canadian musical theatre couple, Sharron Matthews and George Masswohl.

Meet Sharron Matthews and George Masswohl

During Sharron’s 25 year career in musical theatre she has gone from performing in the original company of Harold Prince’s award winning revival of Showboat to portraying Madame Thenardier in a North American tour of Les Miserables with Colm Wilkinson as Valjean and Sutton Foster as Eponine. Sharron has toured her acclaimed comedy cabarets from New York City to Scotland, London to South Africa, all to rave reviews. She was named “Woman of the Year” by the New Current UK, in anticipation of her third Edinburgh Fringe show, “GOLD”. For two seasons she starred on Global TV’s hit show, Canada Sings. On the big screen, Sharron played ‘Joan the Secretary’ in Tina Fey’s iconic Mean Girls and was featured in the movies Cinderella Man and Hairspray: The Movie. In the 2014-15 season, Sharron will premiere two new cabarets, one at Soulpepper’s Global Cabaret Festival and the other at the groundbreaking Rhubarb Festival. In the spring she will embark on a tour of Alberta and the East Coast on a double bill with Canadian icon, Mary Walsh.  Sharron is Canada’s first Cabaret Artist in Residence at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre.

The five time Dora nominated George Masswohl is one of Canada’s leading musical theatre performers and actors. Nominated for a Jessie Award in Vancouver for his acclaimed portrayal of “Sweeney Todd”, a role he performed in front of Stephen Sondhiem himself, Masswohl has played many major roles at Shaw and Stratford. From Lazar Wolf in the acclaimed Susan H. Schulman production of “Fiddler on the Roof” starring Brent Carver, to Frederik in “A Little Night Music” at the Shaw alongside Goldie Semple, to the world premiere of “Time And Again” at Off-Broadway’s prestigious Manhattan Theatre Club, George is a much sought after artist. George was a member of the Dora Award winning company of Canadian Stages much acclaimed London Road in 2013. On TV, George can be seen in such shows as L.A. Complex, Warehouse 13, Copper, Murdoch Mysteries and Hannibal starring Laurence Fishburne. George has spent the last three years forming, managing and performing in the baritone trio Bravura with Curtis Sullivan and James Levesque. In November of 2014 they will have completed their first East Coast Tour, coinciding with the release of their self titled, five song EP.   Bravura has dates across Canada in the 2014-15 season.

20 Questions with Sharron and George

I, Sharron, am gonna speak for both of us … because George is busy making hundreds of cookies to bring out to Burnaby for the SUPERFUN Christmas Sing A-Long. AND, the best part, that means I am in control of ALL the answers…YAY!

1. Your first job.

My first job, where I actually made money, was at Hamilton Place in Hamilton, Ontario, doing a summer theatre program, called “New Faces”. I made $164 bucks a week, played Gilmer in Godspell and spent my whole first cheque on a pair of grecian sandals at Le Chateau.

George’s first job was as a busboy at a Chinese restaurant called Kim Court in St. Catharines, Ontario. Kim Court has a Yuk Yuk’s in the basement and George said he spent a lot of time listening to the owner tell the comics that they could under NO circumstances swear in their set. George also was a part of the summer theatre program, “New Faces” at Hamilton Place…and we met here. He was 17 and I was 16. It wasn’t his first job … but isn’t that romantical? (This is by far the longest answer! Promise)

2. The job you always wanted as a child.

Sharron: I wanted to be a member of ABBA. I didn’t care which member.

George: He saw (he is still making cookies…) La Cage Aux Folles at the O’ Keefe Centre and KNEW he wanted to be an actor OR he wanted to be in the CFL. One or the other. (Which is almost as good as a member of ABBA but not quite)

3. Your pet peeve.

Sharron: Those headphones that they give you with your iPhone tangle up worse than anything I have ever seen. OH, and winter. Which is why we are excited to come to BC.

George: George does not like tea…I know, right? And Tshirts that are too thick.

4. Your hero.

Sharron: I am gonna say George. And I really mean it. He is the best person I know.

George: He would say, I think, a foot long assorted on Italian Bread…with mayo and extra pickles…because he likes a good joke. And I would shake my head.

5. Your biggest indulgence.

Sharron: My new iPhone 6. WHO needs a phone that big? Me.

George: I think he would say, his wife…or soft, wafer thin t-shirts. Either, or.

6. One thing no one knows about you.

Sharron: YOU, Vancouver Presents, are a saucy minx. And cheeky. I like to keep my secrets…secret.

And George: He loves a bubble bath … ( just one secret, I can tell you a whole slew…he’s not here…)

7. Three things you would want with you on a deserted island.

Sharron: My new iPhone, and outlet for my iPhone … and some headphones that don’t tangle (SEE how obsessed I am?)

George: A tub, some bubbles and Sharron. (He actually came upstairs to answer that…his is a bit more personal…he says he does not hold it against me that I did not wish for him…BUT I stand by my answer.)

8. The one word your best friend would use to describe you.

Sharron’s Best Friend George Would Say: Organized

George’s Best Friend Sharron Would Say: Messy.

( I know…we are best friends…it gags some people…)

9. If you were not a performer what would you be doing right now?

Sharron: I think that though I am challenged with arithmetic…I would kill it as an accountant…or a fairy princess…whichever made me happier.

George: In Politics…wait…isn’t that the same thing?

10. Hero or villain.

Sharron: I would like to say Hero but the Villain has the better song and has more down time.

George: Villain OR Anti- Hero…his mother just wants him to play things he won’t get killed in (he is here now, participating fully…he can’t help himself)

11. Your life’s motto/mantra.

Sharron: What anyone else thinks of you is NOT your business.

George: Don’t carry too many things at once.

12. Your favourite song.

Sharron: The Book of Love ( written by Magnetic Fields as sung live by Peter Gabriel).

George: For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her (Simon and Garfunkel).

13. The last book you read.

Sharron: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (so chilling).

George: 101 Classic Christmas Carols (Not that he is trying to plug our show or anything…at all…really…)

14. If you were a cartoon character what cartoon character would you be?

Sharron: Josie of Josie and the Pussycats. She had her own band, she toured and was super cool.
George: Moose from Archie comics. (He declines to say why…)

15. What will it say on your grave marker?


GEORGE: GET YOUR TICKETS for Sharron and George’s SUPERFUN Sing A-Long…

16. Who would you most like to have dinner with?

Sharron: My Dad.

George: My Dad.

17. Your idea of happiness.

Sharron: Enough money to pay the mortgage, feed ourselves and go on a trip once a year. OR, more simple, a trip to the beach with George.

George: Quiet times at home with Sharron or Fun times at home with Sharron. Because we have fun. (Yes, we do.)

18.  If you could go back in time, what would you tell your twenty year old self?

Sharron: It will all be okay. I got this.

George: Clear eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose.

19. The one thing in your life that makes you most proud.

Sharron: That we raised, took care of and saw three dogs through their life’s adventure.

George: A long healthy career, working with great people from coast to coast in the best country in the world.

20. To be or not to be?

Sharron: TO BE!!

George: What was the question? (RE: See Moose answer above)

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