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20 questions with Lochlyn Munro

Meet the Vancouver-based actor

Meet Vancouver actor Lochlyn Munro.
Meet Vancouver actor Lochlyn Munro.

Meet Vancouver actor Lochlyn Munro.

For nearly thirty years Lochlyn has been “that guy,” a face you would recognize from his countless roles in film and television, even if you didn’t remember his name. A full-time actor, Munro splits his time between projects in Los Angeles and Vancouver. Most recently he has taken up a new challenge as he begins a partnership with New Image College’s Film Acting Conservatory to bring his insights on the industry to the next generation of young Vancouver actors.

Meet Lochlyn Munro

When a hockey injury at the age of eighteen sidelined Lochlyn Munro’s dreams of playing for the NHL, the Lac La Hache, B.C. native moved to Vancouver and immersed himself in the city’s music and arts scene where he played guitar, drums and performed as a singer. From there he took on acting, landed a role on 21 Jump Street, starring a young Johnny Depp, and hasn’t stopped working since. For twenty-eight years Lochlyn Munro has honed the craft he loves has become one of Vancouver’s – and Hollywood’s – most successful working actors today. Don’t believe us? Just check out his growing list of credits on IMDB.

20 Questions with Lochlyn Munro


1. Your first job.

Pumping diesel at a truck stop in Lac La Hache, British Columbia when I was 13. Yep….smelly and dirty!