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Thursday, June 13, 2024

20 questions with Graeme Duffy

Vancouver actor, writer, improviser, and long-time cast member with the Vancouver TheatreSports League

Meet Vancouver actor, writer and improviser, Graeme Duffy.

20 Questions with Graeme Duffy

1. Your first job.

A dishwasher at the Empress Hotel in Victoria.

2. The job you always wanted as a child?

Honestly to be an actor … or a long haul truck driver.

3. Your pet peeve.

Chronically late people.

4. Your hero.

Currently, Russell Brand.

5. Your biggest indulgence.

Sneakers and tattoos.

6. One thing no one knows about you.

I’m a crier.

7. Three things you would want with you on a deserted island.

The fuselage of an airplane, a hatch, and a smoke monster.

8. The one word your best friend would use to describe you.


9. If they made a movie about your life, who would it star?

Seth Green.

10. Hero or villain?

Misunderstood hero.

11. Your life’s motto/mantra.

This above all else, to thine own self be true.

12. Your favourite playwright?

David Mamet.

13. The last book you read.

“The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck”.

14. If you were a cartoon character what cartoon character would you be?

Brian from Family Guy because he’s painfully intelligent and emotionally elevated but still makes mistakes.

15. What will it say on your grave marker?

He tried.

16. Who would you most like to have dinner with?

Robin Williams.

17. Your idea of happiness.

A beautiful place with my beautiful wife, Caitlin.

18. If you could go back in time, what would you tell your twenty-year-old self?

Hire an accountant.

19. The one thing in your life that makes you most proud.

That I’ve been able to bring people joy on a large scale through laughter and comedy.

20. To be or not to be?

To be. It’s the only choice really.

Meet Graeme Duffy

Graeme is an established actor, writer and improvisor, and long-time cast member with the Vancouver TheatreSports League. Graeme has performed with Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie of Who’s Line is it Anyways many times, and is a featured performer at comedy festivals throughout North America. As a corporate entertainer, Graeme performs year round for Fortune 500 companies and aboard both the Princess and Crystal Cruise Lines. In 2015, Graeme was voted ‘Vancouver’s Best Improv Comic’ in a local reader poll.

As a TV actor Graeme has appeared in such shows as SirenThe Murders, and the reboot of the Twilight Zone. As a film actor you can see Graeme along side Nicolas Cage in the Larry Charles directed Army of One, as well as many other projects that have kept him busy over the past decade.

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