Friday, October 23, 2020

20 Questions

Barbara Tomasic

20 questions with Barbara Tomasic

Meet Vancouver-based theatre artist Barbara Tomasic. 20 Questions with Barbara Tomasic 1. Your first job. I worked as a salesperson in an athletic shoe store. 2. The job...
Mindy Parfitt

20 questions with Mindy Parfitt

Meet Vancouver-based theatre director, Mindy Parfitt. 20 Questions with Mindy Parfitt 1. Your first job. The Dairy Queen on Broadway and Trafalgar. I could make a mean...
Dion Arnold in How I Killed My Nan.

20 questions with Dion Arnold

Meet Vancouver-based comedian, Dion Arnold. Dion next appears in his solo show How I Killed My Nan as part of Staircase Theatre's Replay: A Bunch...
Andrew Coghlan

20 questions with Andrew Coghlan

Meet Vancouver-based actor, Andrew Coghlan. 20 Questions with Andrew Coghlan 1. Your first job. Swimming instructor. 2. The job you always wanted as a child? Actor. 3. Your pet peeve. Rudeness/ignorance. 4....
Babe Gurr CD Release Concert

20 questions with Babe Gurr

Meet Vancouver-based singer-songwriter, Babe Gurr. 20 Questions with Babe Gurr 1. Your first job. Blackberry picking at age twelve. 2. The job you always wanted as a child? Musician. 3....

20 questions with Tonye Aganaba

Meet Vancouver-based performer and singer-songwriter, Tonye Aganaba. 20 Questions with Tonye Aganaba 1. Your first job. Beach shack attendant in Weymouth Beach, UK. Aged 13? I pulled...
Colin Mochrie

20 questions with Colin Mochrie

Meet actor and improvisational comedian, Colin Mochrie. 20 Questions with Colin Mochrie 1. Your first job. Banquet waiter at the Hotel Vancouver. 2. The job you always wanted as...
20 questions with Allan Morgan

20 questions with Allan Morgan

Meet Vancouver actor, Allan Morgan. 20 Questions with Allan Morgan 1. Your first job. Picking strawberries for a commercial farm outside of Guelph, Ontario. I think I...
Graeme Duffy

20 questions with Graeme Duffy

Meet Vancouver actor, writer and improviser, Graeme Duffy. 20 Questions with Graeme Duffy 1. Your first job. A dishwasher at the Empress Hotel in Victoria. 2. The job you...
Meet actor, singer and improviser, Alex Gullason.

20 questions with Alex Gullason

Meet actor, singer and improviser, Alex Gullason. Meet Alex Gullason Alex is an actor, singer and improviser from North Vancouver, B.C. Since graduating from the musical...

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